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شركة موثوقة من دليل الوسيط

شركة بي إم للنقل و التعبئة هي شركة متميزة في شحن و نقل الأثاث من الباب الى الباب إلى جميع الإمارات
نقل عفش دبي - الشارقة - عجمان - أبوظبي - العين
خبراء في جميع خدمات التعبئة والتغليف و الفك و التفريغ.
متميزون في خدمات نقل وشحن المعدات و الأدوات و البضائع و السيارات و الخدمات اللوجستية
خدمات فك و تركيب الستائر
خدمات نقل أثاث لمكاتب و الفلل و القصور و الشقق

جميع أنواع الشحن
- شحن محلي للأثاث
- شحن بحري ونحن من أفضل شركات الشحن البحري بالإمارات
- شحن جوي لجميع دول العالم من دبي

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About PM Movers
PM Movers is a Dubai based packers and movers with a wide network across the globe. We provide all types of services related to the packing, moving and international shipping from local moving in UAE to moving to almost 70 countries in the world. Our packers are well trained and experts on relocation.

We are one of the Best Moving Companies in United Arab Emirates. We assist our clients to help them through the moving process in UAE and its local cities or shipping internationally their valuable items. With high experience on overseas Shipping, office Relocation, storage and all the related services.

is a Credible and Professional Movers
Door to Door Furniture Movers
Overland transport
ِWell trained and experts in Relocation
Quality Service at a very Affordable Cost
One of the Best Moving Companies in United Arab Emirates
Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain

Local Moving
We pack your local moving and house hold moving with professionals packers and movers

Global Sea Cargo
We are a best global sea cargo service providers in UAE

International Air Cargo
We offer our services around the globe from Dubai

Goods are transferred with virtually no difficulty and a hassle free way.

Our valuable clients choose us because of our Quality Service at a very Affordable Cost compared to other movers in UAE.

Our main goal is to provide efficient service for our clients and make sure they get their money’s worth. We eliminate the difficulty, stress and anxiety simply by producing timely and all in one shipping right to your doorstep. All of this results in safe and sound shipping of your valuable items s to the desired destination.

مع دليل الوسيط، حلك بسيط


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